It is my desire and mission to help you own your life, to overcome your fears, to educate you so you can Become The Person That You Were Intended To Be. Remember, Leadership is taking someone to a place they didn’t know they wanted to go in order to be something they never imagined they could be. (Quote from My Black Belt Instructor, Ben Kiker)

My Life….

How To Tell A Pyramid….

First thing you need to do is analyse who is on the top of the structure and who set it up.  Also, find out where you fit in the picture and ask yourself this question:” Is this where I want to be for the next XXXX number of years???

Don’t think I want to do that any more. I believe I will find me another way to earn my income…LOL

What is your plan??

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Your Habits Will Form Your Life


Habit #1: Not Eating Enough, Skipping Breakfast

This is why “Starvation Diets” don’t work:

Your body is controlled by Your Subconscious Mind, which runs programs pre-installed at birth. When You don’t eat enough, the Starvation Program runs automatically. Your body begins storing FAT because it believes food is in short supply. “Why would You starve me if there was plenty of food?”

It is better to eat a light, healthy meal or snack every 3 hours than to have only one or two meals or snacks a day.

There’s an old saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

While You sleep, Your metabolism slows down. Your body is not burning many calories. It is “fasting”.

Your first meal of the day “breaks the fast” – hence the name. It helps trigger Your body’s awake mode and shifts Your metabolism into a higher gear. You burn more calories.

If You are short on time in the morning, then it’s a good time for a convenient, tasty Meal Replacement.


Most people today suffer from Chronic Stress. Pressures at work, at home, traffic jams. and worrying about what’s on the news causes folks to trigger their Stress Response – another automatic program. Designed by nature to run only a few minutes, folks in the modern world run the program many hours every day. Many people lose a lot of sleep because of it.

One effect of Chronic Stress is Your body storing Visceral Fat – fat stored in Your abdomen in-between Your vital organs. The fat hinders the functioning of Your organs, and is known to lead to heart and digestive diseases.

To help You combat Chronic Stress, it is my pleasure to introduce You to the 30-Day Mental Cleanse, a no-cost program that has helped thousands.




Shrink Team Challenge has an international teleconference You can dial into every week, no charge. You get tips from leaders and experts and hear how others are doing with their weight loss program.

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Start changing your life today!! While you still can.

Shelly J. Bishop

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You Can Become The Person That You Were Intended To Be!!
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Choose To Become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Now!! While You Still Can.





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God’s Basic 10 Laws of Health

God’s 10 Laws of Health

There is a reason so many people are sick and dying and overweight. BUT God has a plan, as He always does. Just follow it and He will make you whole.

Hosea 4:6
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:

3 John 1:2
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.


1)Godly Trust. Trust in divine power. Obedience and ask God to give you answers. Stress relief — faith/trust in God. “Don’t worry; be happy (be in joy)!”

2)Open Air. Fresh air invigorates the vital organs and aids the system in ridding itself of accumulated impurities. It purifies the blood. We take in 2000 gallons of air daily. Our health and life depends on an abundance supply of pure air. Get outside and breathe deeply, even in the winter time.

3)Daily Exercise. Helps with elimination, increases circulation, stabilizes blood sugar and strengthens muscles. God created us to be physically active. Start walking everyday and exercising and build up to 1 Hour a day.

4)Sunshine. The sun warms and soothes or body. It is a source of energy, vitamins, lowers blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, kills germs, stimulates liver, strengthens immune system, helps to assimilate calcium and promotes healing of wounds. Get 15 minutes a day, on face and arms is enough.

5)Proper Rest. The body repairs itself during sleep; it is needed for healing and also is a treatment for nervous exhaustion. Get 8 hours of good sleep every night. Get in bed by 10pm if possible.

6)Lots of Water. Cleanses inside and out. Blood is 80% water, brain is 70% water. The body recycles 40,000 glasses of water daily and the kidneys purify 400 gallons of blood daily. Drink half your body weight in ounces. (Ex. If you weigh 100 lbs. then drink 50 oz. of water daily) and the water needs to be pure clean water.  Don’t drink with your meals this dilutes the stomach acid and makes digestion harder.

7)Always Temperate. Applies to overall lifestyle. Be temperate in all things. Alcohol and Tobacco will raise blood pressure also.

8) Nutrition. Proper nutrition is vital to good health. Choose wisely what goes in our mouths and what we feed our family. We need pure, living, natural food. Fresh Fruits and vegetables should make up the greater proportion of meals, along with whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. Most of the time, if we get the nutrition in and the toxins out, our body will heal itself.

9)Gratitude. Have an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful in all things, every morning and night; take the time to thank God for what you have.

10)Praise. Helping others. Servitude. Do something for someone else. This will help alleviate stress and anger. When you are stressed and angry, you cannot get well.

Negative emotions can actually bring about physical problems.



Would it be OK if you reduced your chance of Heart Attack or Stroke by 60%? Studies show that men who drink at least 6 glasses of water a day, reduce their risk of  heart attack and stroke by 60%……. WOW!!!



1)     White Flour and white flour pastries and breads

2)     White Sugar

3)     Table salt, Use sea salt

4)     Any products containing hydrogenated oil.

5)     Animal Products- They raise Cholesterol and Cancer thrives on high protein and sugar.So omit them from your diet.



Take a CoQ10 supplement, especially If you are taking Blood Pressure medicine. It helps replace what the BP meds take away.



Here is another great “All Natural” product that will  clean out arteries and obstructions


Listen to the audio on the right at the above link.

What does it do???


Assist with the repair of tissue.

Address homocysteine concerns that impact circulatory issues.

Address obstructions.

Activate digestive and tissue healing enzymes.

Address blood circulation and stronger capillaries.

Address blood lipid levels including LDL and HDL cholesterol normal levels.

Encourage metabolism of fats into metabolites or energy.


Vita-Che is the product of choice for circulatory health. It includes herbs like Hawthorne Berry, rhizomes of Butcher’s Broom and lipids like CoQ10, EDTA, L-argine and L-carnitine. Together, these ingredients have a time-tested track record for stimulating circulation. That’s why Vita-Che is the foundation of good health.


Please forward any questions to me at

I would be glad to give you a FREE body anaylsis to see your “real body age”.

There are many natural solutions to your health problems. God has given us all we need to heal any disease, if we will choose the right path.






If I could only have one supplement a day, I would choose this one. Why??? Here are 97 Reason’s why I choose Limu Plus


1. Nutrients Easily Absorbed- Limu’s 70+ vitamins and minerals are readily used by the body.

2. Strengthens Bones & Teeth- Limu from Tonga is rich in calcium.

3. Fights Depression- Tongan limu is also rich in magnesium, considered
elemental in fighting depression.

4. Builds Healthier Blood- The limu plant absorbs iron from the Tongan South Pacific, crucial for optimal thyroid health.

5. Improves Thyroid Health- Limu absorbs zinc and iodine from the South Pacific, important for optimal thyroid health.

6. Alleviates Mood Disorders- Limu is a rich source of natural vitamins B1, B2, B12 and lecithin, helping battle symptoms of moodiness.

Enhance Your Immune System

7. Like Nature’s Perfect Food- Limu contains a unique polysaccharide called fucoidan, whose chemical makeup closely resembles human breast milk.

8. Resists Colds & Flu- Limu has more vitamin C than oranges.

9. Naturally Antibiotic- Limu’s fucoidan has the same antibodies as human breast milk.

10. Strengthens Immune System- Limu’s fucoidan stimulates production of vital immune cells, helping the body battle against bacteria, fungi, parasites and even cancer cells.

11. Protects Against Disease- Limu’s glyconutrients encourage “natural killer” (NK) cells to fight diseases, enabling better protection from tissue breakdown.

12. Speeds Immune Response- Limu’s glyconutrients also encourage NK cell and B cell regeneration, speeding up the body’s immune response.

13. Stronger White Blood Cells- Glyconutrients in limu aid white blood cells to destroy infectious microorganisms better.

14. Fights Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria- Limu’s fucoidan has powerful immune boosting components that can help bodies strengthen to fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Limu Has the Following Anti-Inflammatory Qualities

15. Relieves Meningitis Swelling

16. Relieves Earaches

17. Relieves Eye Inflammations

18. Relieves Gingivitis

19. Relieves Headaches

20. Relieves Pain

21. Relieves Sore Throat

22. Relieves Backaches

23. Relieves Toothaches

24. Relieves Boils

25. Relieves Arthritis

26. Relieves Prostate Swelling

27. Relieves Fibrornyalgia.

28. Immune System Booster- Limu’s fucoidan can do what no synthetic drug can; fight bacteria while boosting the immune system, rather than weakening it.

29. Helps Fight Viruses- Limu’s fucoidan increases the production of some types of interleukins and interferon’s secreted by immune cells (like T cells,) This can be an exciting and effective treatment against viruses that cause
hepatitis, chronic fatigue and even AIDS

30. Herpes (Cold Sores) Relief- Fucoidan in limu may be beneficial for people who suffer from chronic viral infections, such as herpes or cytomegalovirus, which can cause miscarriages and birth defects.

31. Halts Viruses- Fucoidan has been shown to bind to enveloped viruses, interfering with their ability to attach to host cells and preventing replication.

32. Specialized Immune Support- Laboratory tests show fucoidan boosts the level of immune defense cells specifically designed to attack invaders, rather than boosting random defense cells.

33. Reduces Fever

34. Relieves Mouth Sores

35. Alleviates Strep Infections

36. Minimizes Respiratory Infections

Allergy Relief

37. Lessens Allergies- Limu’s fucoidan may lessen allergic reactions by stimulating interleukin 12 and intereron-fA production, proteins that suppress IgE production. Too much IgE can cause sneezing, wheezing and nasal inflammation.

38. Relieves Allergic Inflammation- Limu’s fucoidan has anti-inflammatory properties that can also help reduce discomfort of allergies and skin disorders.

39. Alleviates Sinusitis- Limu’s anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties can alleviate sinusitis conditions.

40. Reduces Congestion Limu’s mucilage helps the body hold moisture, which can reduce congestion.

Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Control

41. Lowers Cholesterol- The laboratory of Lipid Chemistry in Okojama, Japan, collected data showing fucoidan alters the activity of liver enzymes that control how fatty acids are metabolized, resulting in lower cholesterol blood levels. These findings were published in Journal of Nutrition in 1999.

42. Improves Blood Pressure- Studies show limu’s fucoidan improves blood pressure levels.

Cancer-inhibiting Properties

43. Breaks Down Dangerous Cells- A Japanese study showed fucoidan causes DNA in individual cancer cells to self destruct. This is a process known as “apoptosis,” a protective mechanism that helps keep many cancer free.

44. Slows Tumor Growth- Laboratory studies show that fucoidan effectively blocks the G1 cell division, discouraging the growth of malignant tumors in tests using human bronchopulmonary carcinoma cells.

45. Inhibits Malignant Cells- Limu’s fucoidan stimulates production of interleukin and interferon compounds, inhibiting malignant cell growth. Its lamarin also has anticancer compounds.

46. Few Side Effects- Doctors in Japan believe fucoidan supplementation is effective and relatively free of side effects in treating colon and lung cancer as well as leukemia.

47. Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth- Limu’s fucoidan helps the immune surveillance system recognize and inhibit cancer cell growth.

48. Prevents Carcinogenic Transformation- Limu compounds can prevent transformation of phospholipids to carcinogenic substances.

49. Prevents Carcinogenic Bowel Flora- Limu’s compounds inhibit the creation of carcinogenic flora in the bowel.

50. Reduces Cancer Risk- The limu plant has compounds that help reduce the risk of certain cancers by reducing plasma cholesterol.

Women, Hormones & Breast Health

51. Improves Hormone Levels- A combination of soy and limu’s fucoidan affects hormone levels in postmenopausal women.

52. Works With Soy- Researchers at the University of South Carolina believe their study demonstrates that soy and fucoidan work together, possibly protecting against malignant breast tumor formation.

53. Protects from Steroids- Limu helps reduce steroid binding to breast tissue.

54. Protects Breast Tissue- Limu helps protect breast tissue against pollutants and toxins.

55. Contributes to Breast Health- Limu supplies vital trace minerals that help protect breast tissue.

56. Alleviates Bladder Infections See # 32.

57. Reduces Yeast Infections- See # 32, ”

58. Alleviates Premenstrual Distress- Limu is a rich source of vitamins B1, 132 and B12, helping battle symptoms of moodiness.

Diabetes & Hypoglycemia Help

59. Balances Blood Sugar- Limu’s fucoidan can slow the glucose infusion into the bloodstream, helping keep blood sugar levels stable.

60. Prevents Insulin Over-Response- Fucoidan’s effect on glucose can help prevent excessive insulin responses in diabetics, reducing the chance of hypoglycemia.

Gastrointestinal Issues

61. Improves GI Functions- Consistent fucoidan supplementation resulted in
improved function of the upper gastrointestinal tract, according to studies conducted in Tokyo.

62. Prevents Ulcers- The Yukult Central Institute for Microbiological Research reported C-fucoidan prevented the attachment of ulcer-causing bacteria to stomach lining cells.

63. Relieves Peritonitis- Limu’s fucoidan presence may prevent inflammation-causing white cells from migrating to the stomach lining, helping reduce inflammation.

64. Alleviates Constipation- Limu’s mucilage helps the body hold moisture, which can reduce constipation.

65. Helps with Colon Diseases- See Reason #61 “Improves GI Functions.”

66. Reduces Indigestion- See Reason #61 “Improves GI Functions.”

67. Improves Stroke Damage- Limu’s fucoidan has strong anti-inflammatory
properties that may help minimize brain damage and memory impairment in stroke sufferers, when taken in repeated dosages.

68. Lowers Stroke Risk- There is evidence limu’s fucoidan discourages blood clot formation, lowering the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The Department of Surgical Sciences in Stockholm concluded that the anti -coagulating properties of fucoidan are more potent than the commonly prescribed heparin.

69. Helps Prevent Blood Clots- Limu’s lamarin is an anti-clotting compound.

Stress & Healing

70. Aids Liver Repair- Fucoidan stimulates better liver cell regeneration and tissue replacement.

71. Stimulates Tissue Replacement- Fucoidan stimulates tissue replacement in other organs, too, such as the skin. This is especially important for those chronically ill or recovering from surgery, an accident or burns.

72. Helps Cope With Stress- Limu can help the body cope with stress by keeping it supplied with restorative compounds and minerals.

73. Naturally Detoxifies- Limu’s alginate is a natural detoxifier.

74. Reduces Chronic Fatigue- Limu’s wide assortment of nutrients may eliminate symptoms of this little- understood disease.

Hair, Skin & Nail Health

75. Repairs Skin- Japanese scientists reported in Biological Pharmacology Bullefin that fucoidan boosts the production of the integrin protein, which helps increase skin repair.

76. Boosts Wound Healing- The same report emphasizes fucoidan promotes the contraction of collagen gel, boosting healing.

77. Speeds Skin Healing- Laboratory tests suggest compounds in limu shorten the skin- cell replacement cycle, causing skin to heal faster and wrinkle more slowly.

78. Hydrates Hair- Limu’s alginic acid helps it resist drying from sun exposure, making it ideal for cosmetic and hair treatment products.

79. Helps Skin Retain Moisture- Limu’s mucilage provides protection for delicate membranes and helps hold moisture. This can help discourage skin dryness.

80. Improves Moisture Absorption- Mucilage provides protection for delicate membranes and helps hold moisture. This can help discourage skin dryness.81. Firms SkinLimu’s mucilage contributes to making the skin firm and resilient.

82. Strengthens Hair, Nails, Skin- Limu’s mucilage can strengthen hair, nails and skin.

83. Prevents Wrinkles- Mucilage in limu can help prevent wrinkles and aid
in healing by boosting skin regeneration.

84. Restores Hair- Externally applied limu poultices, gels and compresses, combined with internal supplements, may aid hair restoration from loss due to
chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

Weight & Appetite Control

85. Breaks Down Fat- Lecithin in limu may help break down fatty deposits under the skin.

86. Satisfies Appetite- The high mucilage content of limu helps satisfy hunger.

87. Eliminates Cravings- With limu’s balance of nutrients, food cravings are often eliminated.

88, Thyroid Stimulation- The iodine in limu can stimulate an under active thyroid, which has been linked to slower metabolism and weight gain.

89. Improves Metabolism- Limu’s organic iodine supports metabolism function.

90. Helps Reduce Obesity- As limu helps stabilize blood sugars, food can be used as energy rather than stored as fat.


91. Reduces HyperactivityAmino acids and polyphenols (antioxidants) in limu are able to bind to heavy metals in the urinary tract, preventing their buildup in the bloodstream. Heavy metals have been linked to learning disorders and hyperactivity in children.

Anti-Aging Properties

92. Prevents and Treats Liver Problems- Fucoidan can significantly enhance the production of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), which stimulates regeneration of liver cells. This may help prevent hepatitis and treat cirrhosis and liver failure.

93. Aids Proper Scar Formation- Fucoidan’s effect on HGF boosts production of skin cells, and the HGIF protein is vital to scar formation.

94. Improves Tissue Healing- HGF boosts tissue healing by inhibiting the prevention of regeneration, so it may challenge degenerative diseases such as diabetes and atherosclerosis.

95. Improves Joint Health- Fucoidan’s effect on HGF boosts cartilage regeneration.Treats Heart Disease HGF increases production of heart muscle cells, which may help treat pulmonary fibrosis.

97. Slows Aging- Studies show HGF slows the deterioration associated with aging by inhibiting a substance in the body that prevents the regeneration of tissue.

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What’s Your job Description?

Do You Know Your Job Description?


Well, you know how some people say your job is to have a good attitude, be motivated, listen to Personal Development CD’s, make friends, build relationships, set goals etc…


Don’t get me wrong, these are all good things to do and they are fun and can help you become a better person, but really they are secondary to your real “Job Description”.


Would it be Ok if I told you your REAL job description for your business?

Some people might be offended by the answer, but there is an old saying that says, “The Truth Will Set You Free”.


Now, lets say that I was hired by McDonalds to cook French fries. They would give me a job description, right? Something like, take the sliced potatoes and after the deep fryer is heated to 375°-400°, add the potatoes in the deep fryer for 5-7 minutes until golden

brown. Remove carefully with wire basket and place in the side draining tray under light.

Sprinkle generously with salt, then “toss” the fries to mix the salt evenly.


They would be very descriptive in telling me the proper procedure and what to do, right? Well, did your mentor give you an exact recipe or procedure for building your business? Did they tell you what to do to earn your bonus check every week or month?


Your “Job Description” is this:  To get prospects to make a decision to join your business or become a customer.  If you don’t do that, then you don’t get paid, right? That’s the “bottom line”. Short and to the point. Now we can become friends along the way, meet some really super nice people and learn a lot, but those things really don’t make you any money.


Does your bonus check say, “You made an extra $50 for building relationships, or an extra $100 bonus for reading the most personal development books this week”? Of course not. It says you made X amount for selling so much volume or signing up so many people. Most people would agree that this is really what we are striving for by doing all the other things we do. So, what do you think?

Do you have a better job description? If so, share it with me.


Presentation Of My Job Description

Enough is Enough!!

I don’t believe you and I have ever lived in a time where it’s more
important (critical) that we learn to make a living outside of traditional

I personally feel our world over the last 3 1/2 years has dramatically changed and may never be the same again

Millions of certain jobs, careers, industries may not revive for the next 10
years, if at all.

Honestly I’ve got to tell you…I’ve reached my limit on
all the baloney shared on the net about how to make
real income with a home-based business.

Are you at a point where you can no longer waste
any more time and money and need to start making some serious money
from home - NOW? Then, keep reading.

Watching the Jobs Report this morning and again the number came out
worse than expected. It’s obvious that the stimulus plan has failed middle
class America and depending on others to fix our economic dilemma just isn’t
a solution… nor is it being financially responsible to our families or ourselves.

It’s pretty obvious to me that If things are going to change in our lives and for our families, we have to make some changes. We have to take responsibility for our economic futures NOW.

Here’s a wake up call video to prove we need to find alternative
ways to earn income in this new economic world we live in…watch:

But as challenged as things look, some people are thriving
financially and have record earning months…I want you to do the same.

I am going to give you a huge dose of truth and a reality check on what has
gone on in the home-base business industry. I’ve been doing this
for  years now and may I humbly say, I believe I have a good realistic grasp of the landscape of this industry. Therefore, I am obligated (morally) to share it with you and If I don’t… shame on me.

So if you want to earn a small fortune from home be sure to contact me and register for my newsletters, conference calls and FREE training and I’m going to share some serious truths that will unlock that fortune for you and your family.



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Top 10 Tips For Holiday Weight Loss

Hello  Friend,

The holidays are upon us, before long Thanksgiving will be here and how much weight will you gain? The average person gains 7-10 lbs. from Thanksgiving to New Years, but you don’t have to.

Here is a list of 10 tips to get you through the holidays without tipping the scale:

1)      Start your day out with a run or a good workout. Burns some calories early.

2)      No Nibbling. Its hard to cook without tasting, but you can add up some serious calories if you are not careful.

3)      Have a supply of Diet cookies cut up in small bites on a plate, so if you get hungry, eat those instead of something fattening and sugary.

4)      No Alcohol. It adds up a lot of empty calories quickly.

5)      Use smaller plates and smaller forks. (Don’t laugh, it does help)

6)      Drink lots of water. All day long.

7)      Don’t forget to eat. (LOL) If you put off your healthy shake and cookie or healthy breakfast, then you will gorge yourself at the main meal.

8)      Avoid buttery-sugary desserts and dishes. Make good choices, look for high fiber, low fat, natural dishes instead.

9)      Walk after Dinner also.

10)  Don’t deprive yourself. Seriously, think about what you want to eat, make good choices and enjoy it- In moderation of course.


Enjoy your holiday meals and remember, if you do gain a few pounds, you can always do like millions of others and come New Years, make that New Years Resolution to lose weight and exercise.


Or you can take the Challenge” and lose 15 or 20 lbs before Christmas arrives. Read about how it has worked for many others here.




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Freedom In The Heart… How Do We Get It?

Today, here in the USA is Memorial Day. A day when we honor our servicemen and women for what they have done in this great country. I want to personally say Thank you to all who have served in the armed forces in times of war or peace. You are special people and I wanted to recognize you and your efforts.

Hope you all spend some time with family and friends and say thank you to a veteran today.

God Bless The USA

Born Again American

Will You STAND UP and Say So???

Everybody Wants A Harvest But Nobody Wants To Hoe

Have you ever planted a garden? First you have to prepare the soil, find the perfect spot where it will get sunshine and not get flooded. Then you have to till the soil, get out the rocks and weeds, then after a lot of hard work you finally get to plant the seeds.

But you are not finished then, the work is only beginning. You have to water, weed, fertilize and care for the plants everyday.

You have to protect them from the varmints, the bugs, birds, etc. that want to destroy your crops. It’s a constant battle of maintenance and upkeep.

It’s kind of like running a business. It takes a lot to get started and there are a lot of obstacles along the way. People (varmints) who will try and sabotage you and your goals. They will come in and steal the seed, what you have worked for and built.

Are you bombarded with emails and pop ups and websites screaming at you everyday like I am? I seem to be inundated with those “latest, greatest, push button, no work required, no skills needed, even a monkey can do it, make a million in 3 clicks of a mouse, get rich quick scams.”

All they do is create a welfare type- poverty stricken mentality. Telling people that they don’t need to learn skills or do any work, just pay them the $37, $67, $97 or $197 or whatever is the going rate for the day and all your dreams will come true.

Oh please, if you want to reap the harvest, you are gonna have to do some hoeing. Nothing in life is free, not the good stuff anyway. Everything comes with a price.

Learn the skills you need, you can take those with you into any job you get. They will help you be a better person. Do the daily chores and tasks that need to be done, that too will help you become the person that you were intended to be. Would it be OK if I offered you a FREE booklet that will give you a few simple steps for success? CLICK HERE and  download it now. You will have the answers you been looking for within a few minutes.

May 2012 be your best year ever and I hope you reap a bountiful Harvest!

Shelly Bishop
Here is How I Earn My Extra Weekly Check.

Why People Fail

Why Do People Fail?

Statistics show that 98 % of all network marketers or people working online from home fail. With the success rate so narrow, why would anyone want to start a new online business? Yet, last statistics I saw, there are over 150,000 people a week that sign up for a home based business.

The amount of people who are actually working from home part time is around 23 million people, while the amount of people who are working from home on a full time basis is around 14 million people. It’s obvious that people want to supplement their income.

But Ninety percent of all new businesses fail the first year.
And 90% of the rest fail in the next 4 years.
THAT is tough. That means that out of 100 new businesses that start up, after one year, only 10 will be left. 4 years later, out of the 100 that started, only 1 will still be in business. Pretty grim statistics, don’t you think? Why?

You’re excited. You start. A thousand things go wrong. You want to quit a thousand times.

Most people just quit. They just give up too easy.

You need a strong enough reason to do it. Then if
WHAT you’re doing doesn’t work, you’ll figure out
some other way. But if you’re at all wishy-washy,
you’re a goner.

Let me give you just a few reasons that people fail.

1) They quit. They decide that it’s just too hard or they don’t want to put forth the effort.

2) They want to blame everything and everybody for not being successful.
3) They fall for the “Lets get rich quick” scheme. (They don’t want to work)
4) They feel like the world owes them. After all, I am entitled to it attitude.
5) They are a perfectionist. They over analyze everything. Let’s just say that they have analysis paralysis.
6) They are too smart. (or they think). In other words, they already know it all and are not coachable.
7) They are whiners. Typically always complaining and miserable and trying to make others miserable too. (Their attitude is contagious, so stay away from them).
8) They are network marketing junkies. Always looking for another fix, a better company. The grass is always greener on the other side. They jump from one program to the next and are never satisfied and never last very long at anything.
9) They don’t check out the company carefully before they start and the company goes out of business. (There re 5 critical questions to ask before joining any company)
10) They don’t have a system to follow or a coach and true mentor to show them how to be successful. You must have a proven duplicatable system or you are toast.
These are just a few of the reasons people fail. If you want o learn more, then email me and I will get you some personal training For FREE!! and start on your road success.

Educate yourself before you join any company, then you wont have to become a statistic like so many others.

Why People Fail Part 2

Several national tests have revealed the following startling statistics about why salespeople fail.

15 percent — Improper training, both product and sales skills.

20 percent — Poor verbal and written communication skills.

15 percent — Poor or problematic boss or management.

50 percent — Attitude.

A sound almost impossible doesn’t it?

Salespeople (or anyone else) could succeed 50 percent more if they just change the way they think.

Earl Nightingale in his legendary tape “The Strangest Secret” reveals the secret of a positive attitude..

…we become what we think about. That’s it!

But it’s a dedicated discipline that must be practiced.

Want to begin to change your attitude to change your success (and income)? Try adding and living these thoughts and exercises:

When something goes wrong, remember it’s no one’s fault but yours. You always have (and have had) a choice.

If you think it’s OK, it is.

If you think it’s not OK, it’s not.

Ignore the local junk news — do a project, make a plan or do something to enhance your life.

For one year read only positive books and material.

When you face an obstacle, or something goes wrong, look for the opportunity.

Listen to attitude audio tapes, attend seminars, take courses. Ignore people who tell you “you can’t” or try to discourage you.

Check your language. Is it half full or half empty, partly cloudy or partly sunny? Avoid why, can’t, won’t.

Say why you like things, people, job and family — not why you don’t.

Help others without expectation or measuring .

How long do you stay in a bad mood? If more than five minutes, something’s wrong. Get over it and let it go. It’s your choice.

Count your blessings every day. Everyday start the day off with 5 minutes of thanking God for what you have and end the day the same way, just before bed.

If you take the hour a day that you currently waste watching the news and convert it into positive action or learning for yourself, your business or your family, at the end of one year you will have captured more than 15 full 24-hour days.

Which will help your success more — 15 days a year watching the news or 15 days a year building your future?


For Your Success

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